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DIY Termite Prevention

DIY Termite Prevention


Weary homeowners and termite-tacklers, On Point Exterminating is here to sprinkle a bit of humor and a whole lot of knowledge on dealing with those wood-chewing troublemakers. Termite infestations? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Let’s roll up our sleeves and show those termites who’s boss!

Inspect-Respect-Detect: First things first, do a thorough inspection of your kingdom. Think of yourself as Sherlock Holmes sniffing out clues, except the culprit is tiny, enjoys dining on wood, and is a terrible house guest. Look for mud tubes, sagging floors, and the sound of tiny tap dancers (termite munching sounds).

Blockade the Termite Troops: Seal off entry points like a champ. Termites can be sneaky little ninjas, so block any potential entryways into your castle. Think of it as playing defense in a game of termite soccer – no goals allowed!

Wood Treatments, for the Win!: Treat your wood like royalty with termite repellents and treatments. Imagine your wood as a superstar getting the VIP treatment – termites won’t even get past the velvet rope!

Moisture, the Termite Magnet: Keep moisture levels low like a pro. Termites love damp spots more than a kid loves candy, so fix leaky faucets and make sure your home isn’t a termite oasis. They’ll be out of there faster than you can say “dry as a bone!”

Call in the Heavy Hitters: When it feels like the termites are winning the battle, it’s time to bring in the experts – us! At On Point Exterminating, we’re not just good at what we do, we’re the best. We’ll swoop in, superhero style, and rid your home of those pesky termite invaders once and for all!

And there you have it! By following these termite-taming tips, you’ll be giving those critters a one-way ticket out of your home. Remember, at On Point Exterminating, we’re not just here to exterminate pests – we’re here to save the day and make your home termite-free! So kick back, relax, and leave the termite troubles to us. We’ve got this under control!

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